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I wanted to start re-reading EVERYTHING by Russ today, but that is impossible (even if I had lots of time, I cannot do it all at once!).

So I decided to start with her last (as far as I know?) work, one which probably hasn't gotten as much attention/readership as others. It's big (476 pages, including the bibliography and index!), so I'm going to do one small bit at a time. She started writing it in 1985 (a "small" paper), and published the book in 1998.

as ide_cyan notes here, one of the most important elements of Russ' work is the way she connects to works by other authors.

So it seems appropriate to start by noting the list of authors from the list of copyright acknowledgements--she used extended quotes (how much publishers charge for permissions to quote these days, and for relatively little, is a growing problem), and the list is amazing:

Phyllis Chesler
Zillah Eisenstein
Christine Delphy (translated by Diane Leonard)
Gloria Joseph and Jill Lewis
Batya Weinbaum
bell hooks
Barbara Smith
Tania Abdulahad, Akasha (Gloria) Hull, Bernice Johnson Reagon
Michelle Cliff
Marc Feigen Fasteau
Pam McAllister
Audre Lorde
Ann Oakley
Cherrie Moraga and Gloria AnzaldĂșa
Chrystos, Rosario Morales, Merle Wood, Mitsuye Yamada
Paula Giddings
Susan E. Browne, Debra Connors, and Nanci Stern
Lydia Sargent
Hilda Scott
Lillian Breslow Rubin
Lillian Breslow Rubin
Elly Bulkin, Minne Bruce Pratt, and Barbara Smith
(multiple names are editors and/or contributors to anthologies)


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