May. 4th, 2011

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I've been re-reading The Female Man and blogging my thoughts as I go through. Mostly "and this is what I was thinking about" -- sometimes that gets analytical, but sometimes it's just impressions.

Each post corresponds to one of the book's parts (and obvs, expect spoilers):

The book has nine parts altogether, so as you can see, I'm still relatively early in the book. (Psst! You could TOTALLY catch up to me, if you wanted.)
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I've been re-reading What Are We Fighing For with great glee and appreciation--have worked through the first chapter debunking psychoanalytical theory and how it's been used by feminists (Russ' first inspiration for the title was "reactionary" feminisms, and it's a good title for her approach), and am thinking major issues about how this work (unlike many more academically inflected work) does not assume the reader is familiar with the scholarship she's critiquing--that makes it much more hmmm approachable? Understandable? Accessible? And, given how often work by women is erased (arguably, work by women are are from working class backgrounds and/or marginalized ethnic groups more often than white middle class women's work), I think her ability to pull together groups of books and summarize their arguments and assumptions and critique them is incredibly valuable. More about that later.

Right now, because I'm swamped with grading and cannot develop the above, but was enjoying a friend's comments about reading On Strike Against God, I wanted to quote one of my favorite quotes from that work (I love it all, but this part has always stuck in my mind as PERFECTION. And here's the icon I just made for it, totally gackable:

Blue Pyramid Blue Pyramid
_On Strike Against God_, page 21 "mightn't you expect (at least) a little blue pyramid sitting in the middle of the floor"?

Sally, Louise, Jean and the narrator are watching a bad TV movie and talking, cut for length and because I guess a major quote is a spoiler )


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