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I can't describe all that Joanna Russ's work means to me yet. I've been collecting links to other people's reactions to her death instead of writing down mine. And passing on the news wherever possible. I've just tried contacting the local papers, hoping maybe they'll run something in the next edition.

I want the news of her death to be loud. I don't want it to whisper in the closet of genre circles. I want it to be known.

Have you told mainstream media and newspapers about Joanna Russ's death? She should be known outside of genre circles, remembered out of closets and ghettos.

on 2011-05-01 03:31 pm (UTC)
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Looking for links today, I noticed more in the science fiction blogs/spaces than in feminist spaces...I may be missing them (google skillz may be low today), but it doesn't actually surprise me....I've always found 'sf' more open to feminism than feminists spaces open to sf (leaving those of us who are into feminist sf sort of a small group)...

on 2011-05-01 04:17 pm (UTC)
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I've written the editors of Transformative Works and Culture to ask to do a piece for them--I'm not sure about the chances of anybody in mainstream media doing anything (though I might contact the university press that published HTSWW!).

I'm not sure I think that the msm is all that relevant.....cannot quite work it out yet, but I may not be as negative about closets/ghettos/genre circles.....


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