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So my trip and moot report! You already got the airplane flight--it was a great flight out. I'm going to try to fly a Southwest 737 any time I have the chance--it was so roomy compared to the SW 727 I rode going back--makes a big difference. This will be one of several pic posts I'll be posting of the trip and moot.

I arrived in Denver without a hitch and had a short while to wait before [personal profile] shirebound's flight got in and it was so wonderful to see and get to hug her as soon as she stepped into the terminal. We found [ profile] mirabile_dictu and [personal profile] hanarobi picked us up and took us the scenic route up through Colorado to Laramie, for which I'm extra grateful with the drive being 5+ hours for her round trip. It was a really gorgeous ride.

The pics in this post are all from a moving car window, so not the best quality.

The Rockies just north of Denver!

The Rockies from around the Longmont area.

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What for today? A series of lists

Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:17 am
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Thinking about quiet things to do today, sedentary but productive and not all about computers. This is not a list of things which all need doing, it's just something to choose from.

Note, if you go on etsy and look for "punk note cards" you will quickly think, "What the fuck is WRONG with me" especially once there are no good options. All my notecards are pretty landscape paintings suitable for mailing to my remaining grandparent. Amazon has got nothing. Etsy, fucking nothing and nothing good for "feminist" either. Note to world. Those retro pictures of some woman looking femmy from the 40s and saying "fuck" don't make it feminist. for fuck's sake.

I believe precita eyes store over on 24th has either postcards or notecards with some women other than (but including) frida kahlo. thank fuck. in the meantime I will make my own, which in theory is as it should be, but in practice I would like to buy some!


Get all my data off Revolt's hacked up hard drive and get it back to him.
More setting up of power strips in convenient places by the couch, counter, kids' room
Fiddle with music things. Can I get it so my giant music collection will play to speakers?
Open up Airport Express and just look at it. Read up on what might be wrong with it.
Write short blog posts about books.
See if there is a better blogging client than MarsEdit.
Play clash of clans since it's now Battle Day for my family clan


Continue clearing desk area, go thru file cabinet
Does the metal shelf in-out box from garage fit under the "charging table"?
Laundry. Clean laundry smells like mildew. Get z. to re-wash with borax
Coax the cat to eat tidbits.
Groceries for the week. make a list. zond7? or instacart?
Cook some delicious plátanos today.
Deep water all the plants.


Write another letters. 2 per week is good. Maybe 1 per day.
Think of some more letter writing people. Ask for addresses.
Write to grandma finally even if no printed photos seem suitable
Make more notecards. Punk feminist ones. Color them with colored pencils.
Make set of punk feminist notecards for my sister
Look over poems.
New tiny zine (Alpha Suffrage Club) research and writing
Plan new tiny zine on combahee river collective. Important!
Organize sticker collection at least roughly, in envelopes.
Hardware store again to contemplate fancy small plant pots.
Repot tiny succulents as presents for R. and the nice post office lady


How many people can I handle seeing this week.
- intern
- yatima's brother
- tru
- Revolt
- hazelbroom
- sundress?
- would like to call debbie
- new nice friend who plays ingress?

That is too many. Dammit. Maybe will need to wait till post mexico visit to invite extra people.

My luxurious bath and applying a korean face mask, then every kind of lotion I own last night including the low strength marijuana lotion - that was a good plan. I feel extremely moisturized, and smell like rosemary and lemon.

Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes

Aug. 1st, 2015 09:52 am
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 to [personal profile] br3nda !  Happy day!  Even if it is winter!

Requiescat in Pace

Jul. 31st, 2015 10:34 am
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Three Things

Jul. 29th, 2015 10:41 pm
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[crossposted, now that I have more than 6 minutes]

Gimme shelter

Jul. 29th, 2015 11:12 am
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We all need shelter some of the time.

Hug or send your good thoughts to a feminist activist today

Or just anyone near or far.


Jul. 28th, 2015 09:08 pm
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Today I Learned that the Safety Data Sheet (what used to be called the Material Safety Data Sheet) for the hand soap that we use at the raptor center says that if you get this substance on your skin, you should wash it off with soap and water.

Also I got to watch this video of a goshawk maneuvering (very tight, very fast) through trees.

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

Jul. 26th, 2015 01:49 pm
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  • I saw a white Corvair two-seater this afternoon. Truly California is an automobile museum; if it was made anywhere, somebody has one here.
  • I have seen Ant-Man; I even caught the shout-out to Tales to Astonish. And it had the proper two Easter eggs. I mostly enjoyed it, although swarming ants make me, er, uncomfortable, that's it. Also, I need to research Evangeline Lilly. *ahem* (Why yes, that's a recycled plot. You think plots grow on trees? Possible spoiler if you haven't already seen this movie. No peeking! ) )
  • Rule One of geriatric car care: Never say anything positive about the car. They hear.
  • Mr. Holmes is good. Elegaic and Watson-less, but nonetheless good. (Also, Sir Ian McKellen may read me the phone book anytime.)
  • The Art & Soul Festival is next week, and BART is cooperating by shutting the Transbay tube down. Sorry, folks.
  • ETA because it slipped my mind:  I've now heard a couple of cover versions of the theme from Game of Thrones, the early measures of which I find oddly reminiscent of the music played as the clone army marches into the ships in the last scene of Attack of the Clones.  In turn, I flashed on the intro to "Steppin' in a Slide Zone" by the Moody Blues.  

Birthday greetings and felicitations

Jul. 26th, 2015 12:52 pm
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 to [personal profile] el_staplador !  Long may you wave!

henna day post

Jul. 25th, 2015 01:38 pm
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I am hennaing my hair on a rare Saturday Henna Day. (On Sunday I'm going to read a couple of poems and listen to a lot of great music at a friend's birthday bash.) It is a far too summery summer day. As usual at this time of year, I am longing for autumn weather, but we probably won't get it until around Halloween.

Later today I will watch The Vanishing (George Sluizer, 1988) for the first time in a number of years. Cable keeps taunting me by showing the crappy American remake from 1993 (made by the same director, but pretty much a textbook example of how Hollywood wrecks brilliant foreign films), so I ordered a Netflix DVD of the proper version.

ETA: My new favorite website: The Horror Cats: A Celebration of Felines in Horror Movies and Television.

Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes

Jul. 25th, 2015 10:43 am
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 to [personal profile] beckyzoole , who's had a tough year.  May all else go well -- even fantastically -- with you going forward.

Fantasia so far

Jul. 24th, 2015 02:08 am
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The Hallow (2015): good creature effects & setting, decent actors, but deathly boring narrative about paper-thin characters in peril from ultimately pretty damn generic folkloric evil that conveniently appear and disappear because there is nothing else happening to drive the story.

Roar (1981): batshit crazy fun times about Tippi Hedren's family and way too many genuine live untrained big cats awkwardly sharing a house. Has to be seen to be believed. Doesn't have much of a plot beyond characters moving from point A to point B to point C and finding lions and tigers and leopards everywhere (and generic bad guy poachers in a pretext of a subplot & a general message of animal conservationism) but it works. See characters running up and down stairs with a dozen lions after them! Hiding in small enclosed spaces! See the big cats making a mess of the living room couch, and tracking their lunches indoors, and chewing on the cast! Eat your heart out, Chris Pratt! These predators aren't CGI! In conclusion: so worth seeing!!

The Royal Tailor (2014): South-Korean period piece about changing popular fashions, court intrigue, and the relationship and eventual rivalry between two tailors competing to create the best clothes for and/or in spite of the royal family. Very entertaining, from hanboks and Dragon Robes to socks and underwear.

In Memoriam

Jul. 21st, 2015 02:09 pm
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Theodore Bikel, polytalent.

ETA:  Via File 770, though I am using a different obit.
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