Requiescat in Pace

Jan. 21st, 2017 09:50 pm
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Yes, I've fallen behind. Sorry.

Women's March Annapolis

Jan. 21st, 2017 10:51 pm
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I went to the Women's March in Annapolis, MD today. Annapolis is the state capital situated on the Chesapeake Bay. There were also marches in Maryland today in Baltimore, Frederick, and Ocean City. They only announced the Annapolis March last week, so it was impressive that we had 1,600 people attending our wee march.


People gathered at the City Dock at 11am. At about 11:15 we started marching across Market Square by the docks and then up West St to the State Building where we had a short rally. I couldn't hear or see the speakers. It all ended before 1 pm. Along the way I heard someone along the side complaining about us and then her companion next to her say, "Now you know if things were reversed, you'd be marching . . ." (-:


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more joy

Jan. 21st, 2017 07:11 pm
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"Bread and Roses", as it appeared in "Pride". Always brings me to tears but they are happy tears.

(no subject)

Jan. 21st, 2017 06:23 pm
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I've had a painful virus for a few days. Fever and chills, muscle aches, even my skin hurts. The most difficult to tolerate is a spot inside my throat that makes swallowing painful. I can only drink in tiny sips, well-spaced, not only because it hurts but also because if a drop of liquid lands on the wrong spot it makes me cough, which a)hurts and b)expels all the liquid I was trying to swallow.

I haven't peed in a day and a half, and that was only a few drops. I've drunk most of a 16-oz bottle of water and six ounces of orange juice, but I must be sweating it all out. Is this bad for my kidneys? Like, how bad? Should I go to Urgent Care and ask them for subcutaneous fluids?

Also, is the active ingredient in Chloraseptic Throat Spray the same drug that dentists use to numb you up for a filling? Because my dentist says that doesn't really work on me, and this throat spray doesn't seem to have any effect either.

ETA: Okay, you have scared me, thank you Rush, Lydy, Misbegotten, and Omnia. I am going to push fluids until my skin snaps back, and if it doesn't I will go to Urgent Care.

ETA2: Am peeing again.

A small and passing thing . . .

Jan. 20th, 2017 10:52 pm
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Just to let us know that the Shadow is a passing thing, this bright cardinal was kind enough to let me get within a couple of feet as I kept snapping shots of him today down by the lake on my walk break:


Obviously, he wanted all of you to see him and remember . . . there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.

I had the good fortune to have the wonderful company and awesome conversation of [personal profile] ithiliana and [ profile] aprilkat during dinner tonight. I was supposed to go with them tomorrow to the Women's March on DC, but it's a little too big for me, and I'm anxious about the press of crowds, Metro hi jinx, and, you know, bathroom access, and just being wrecked, so I've opted to go to the smaller local march in Annapolis tomorrow. And seeing the bay there will be the opposite of stress. I didn't get out to the bay once last year, so tomorrow I can combine civic activism and self-care in one trip. \o/

More Joy Day!

Jan. 20th, 2017 10:12 pm
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Honestly, never in a zillion years have I needed More Joy than today!

I didn't really have much to offer that was finished though I was able to update my one MCU WIP which is an AU of a previous AU I wrote. It's called The Road Not Taken, and, sadly, it will make no sense if you haven't read my story The Fifties (both are Steve/Bucky/Peggy, you'll just have to trust me!) though I can really recommend the Fifties if you haven't read it. Anyway it's what I had to offer. I AM DETERMINED TO OFFER SOME JOY! :D :D

But I have a lim here in my house and so I have encouraged HER to post a thing of Really Great Joy (you're welcome), which is her vid Found, which is the second half of her two part project, Looking and Found, a matched set of multifandom vids made from her own vids to celebrate her 10th anniversary vidding. Even if you've seen Looking before, it's worth a rematch so you can appreciate the sheer joy of FOUND. (I'm found! I was lost but now I'm--I'll come in again.)

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Birthday greetings and felicitations

Jan. 20th, 2017 08:27 am
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to [personal profile] pernishus !  Magnificent day!  (I have the damp green icing around here somewhere but the cake is missing...)

Theodora Goss

Jan. 19th, 2017 11:14 am
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Fantastic post by Theodora Goss on The Politics of Narrative Patterns

Why have I not read any of her fiction? Must fix that STAT!

Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes

Jan. 19th, 2017 07:23 am
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 to [personal profile] surpassingly !  A day of lightness and joy to you!

(And another.)

(Not to forget Edgar Allen Poe.  Although I did.)

Quick Hunt Recap

Jan. 16th, 2017 09:55 pm
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On Thursday, I came home from work and suddenly felt exhausted. I collapsed into bed feeling nauseous, and later in the evening, I was threw up. My wife's had a crud for a while, and I was worried I caught whatever she had; but I bounced back quickly over the next two days, so I think it must have been more of a food-poisoning thing.

I woke up on Friday in time to watch the Hunt Kickoff for a Dungeons and Dragons theme, Monsters et Manus. I kept expecting to fall asleep again, but the puzzles were fantastic and kept me going all day. I was still kinda weak, but staying in bed solving puzzles on a laptop was just my speed.

This year, there were a more than the usual number of puzzles where I came in after other folks had done most of the work and spotted the answer phrase. I did it for our first meta, The Despondent Dynast, and then our second meta, The Fighter. I also did it, amazingly, for our last meta, The Broken Bridge. After explaining my reasoning on why we should try this guess while we still had clues going, I wrote:
Tablesaw-XPS (Sat 23:12:55): Not the strongest, but I wanted to throw it out.
Tablesaw-XPS (Sat 23:13:02): It's not the weakest either.
Tablesaw-XPS (Sat 23:13:22): Anyway, I have to get pizza and didn't want it bugging me.
Tablesaw-XPS (Sat 23:13:27): TABLESAW OUT!
After getting pizza and returning to chat, the team was on its way to the final interaction and runaround.

Puzzles where the opposite happened included Boston Burgers (where I got tripped up on the extraction), and Changing Rooms (an excellent cryptic-clue based puzzle that I just started falling asleep during). I'm most proud of my gruntwork for Tricky Wicket, which turned out to be one of the most difficult puzzles in the Hunt. I spotted the gimmick and did a lot of work getting all the data collected, but was very grateful when I called in some teammates and one of them spotted the important messages I had missed. (She also was able to use the a key technique correctly when I was flailing).

The Hunt was really incredible, all around. Recommended puzzles are:

Birthday greetings and felicitations

Jan. 15th, 2017 06:32 pm
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 to [personal profile] micheinnz !  Hope today was fun!

(no subject)

Jan. 14th, 2017 02:55 pm
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I flippantly said to someone earlier in the week that the snow would be gone by the weekend. Because, you know, Portland. Snow seldom lasts hours here, let alone days.

In point of actual fact, there are still a good six inches of snow out there, and it's currently 28 deg with a flipping brutal east wind. (But at least it's brilliantly sunny? Does that compensate for the knives in my skull, or contribute to them?) I made [personal profile] grrlpup go for a walk with me just now; the excursion didn't so much relieve my cabin fever as intensify it.

(Look, I was housebound for a week because sick, and then it snowed, and then it snowed again. I am so flipping done with this.)


In other news, Elementary Rolling Remix went live this morning: one seed story, passed to another for remixing, which is then passed to another for remixing, and so on, like a brownstone-centric game of Telephone. I contributed, of course, and so did [personal profile] grrlpup. (She almost never participates in exchanges!) Guessing post is here, for those who want to try their hands at guessing creators or reconstructing the chain.
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